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LGBT Family Law Attorneys In Monmouth County

A New Jersey Supreme Court ruling made marriage between same-sex couples legal in October 2013. An important impact of that change that is often overlooked is that same-sex couples can now get divorced in New Jersey as well, whether they were married in New Jersey or in a different state. Previous to the October 2013 ruling, same-sex couples who were married in a different state but now live in New Jersey could not get divorced in New Jersey because it did not recognize same-sex marriage.

As with heterosexual couples, New Jersey law requires that a same-sex couple live in the state for a minimum of one year before filing for divorce. The sole exception to that rule is if adultery is the grounds for divorce, in which case the one-year requirement is waived.

LGBT Divorce And Civil Unions Attorneys Serving Central New Jersey

The law firm of Deitch & Perone, P.C., represents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in same-sex divorce. We can protect your rights regarding division of assets and debt, spousal support and other common issues.

We also represent clients regarding these issues when they are part of a same-sex civil union or domestic partnership. Our strength and experience reaching agreement through alternative dispute resolution and mediation play an important role in these situations.

Legal questions regarding division of assets and child custody are extremely complex when same-sex couples are not legally married and even when they are. We welcome the opportunity to review your situation during a free, no-obligation consultation. We will provide a candid assessment and recommend the best steps to take.

Contact us to schedule a meeting. Our LGBT family law lawyers serve residents throughout central New Jersey, including Monmouth County and Ocean County, from offices in West Long Branch and Scotch Plains.