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Divorce Attorneys In Monmouth County

If you have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, it is important to retain the services of experienced New Jersey family law attorneys who will protect your rights and help you navigate the divorce process. At Deitch & Perone, P.C., our divorce lawyers focus on putting our clients in a desirable position to maximize their futures.

With more than 40 years of combined experience helping individuals throughout central New Jersey who are facing divorce, our attorneys understand the personal and financial challenges divorce presents and how to address and overcome these challenges.

Through our extensive experience in family courts in Monmouth County and in the surrounding Ocean, Union and Mercer counties, our attorneys have earned a positive reputation among judges, opposing counsel and other personnel within the court system. We are known as a law firm that employs legal professionals who are organized, knowledgeable and formidable negotiators and litigators who always advocate for our clients’ best interests.

Answering Your Questions About Divorce

By its nature, divorce is a time of change and chaos. Even the most straightforward divorce will require a great deal of consideration and thought. Anyone who begins divorce proceedings should do so with a basic understanding of the process and a trusted attorney on their side. At Deitch & Perone, P.C., we offer comprehensive legal guidance.

Our firm offers you support and legal advice throughout your life changes. At your first appointment, we will go over the specifics of your case and begin developing personally tailored strategies. To get customized legal aid, call 732-287-6086 and request a meeting.

How Long Does Divorce Take?

The divorce process varies. A couple who divorces after a year of marriage has far fewer logistical challenges than a couple whose marriage is decades old. Over the course of your consultation, our attorneys will help identify a reasonable timeline based on your circumstances.

Will I Be Able To Stay In My Home?

Possibly. If maintaining your house is a priority, we may be able to negotiate with your spouse to find a fair and equitable agreement that preserves your ownership of the home. New Jersey law ensures that property division is fair, not necessarily a 50-50 split. We may be able to make the case for your house in those terms if negotiation is not possible.

How Will Our Property Be Divided?

The court will use the principle of equitable distribution to fairly, if not necessarily evenly, split the property you acquired together during the marriage (marital property). You are entitled to claim property you purchased prior to marriage, as well as items purchased with your individual funds after the divorce was filed, as separate property. You may also claim gifts others have given to you personally.

What If I Signed A Prenuptial Agreement?

The court has a great deal of leniency in the interpretation and enforcement of prenups. We can help manage your divorce under prenuptial terms when appropriate and contest those terms when necessary.

How Does Alimony Work In New Jersey?

Alimony, or spousal support, is calculated by a judge who weighs the importance of many factors, including the length of the marriage, the health of both partners, the earning ability of the spouse making the request and so forth. Divorcing spouses may also negotiate an alimony agreement on their own and present it to the court for approval. New Jersey updated its divorce laws in 2014 and indefinite alimony is much less common, especially in marriages that lasted less than 20 years. Our spousal support attorneys can explain more.

Can My Children Decide Who They Want To Live With?

If your children are old enough to be capable of forming their own opinion, their input is definitely one factor that the court will consider in determining custody. Other factors include the relationship of each parent to the child, the parent’s ability to cooperate with their ex in co-parenting the child and the distance between the homes of the two parents.

If My Divorce Is Amicable, Do I Need An Attorney?

Yes. There are too many questions, both legal and financial, for you to manage without assistance. The last thing anyone wants is for new issues to arise after your divorce seems settled. For guidance you can rely on and the lasting results you need, meet with our attorneys.

We Tailor Our Services To Suit Your Needs

Like all families, all family law cases are unique and various factors – including the personalities involved, the existence of minor children and a couple’s economic situation – must be considered when devising the most effective legal strategy.

Many couples are intent on resolving matters amicably to speed up the process and minimize the emotional impact a divorce will have on their children. We assist couples with the collaborative divorce process, which is a commitment to resolving disputes outside the courtroom. Unlike many other attorneys, we are specifically trained in collaborative law and are active members of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group.

We also help clients navigate the complexities of military divorce and can seek a marriage annulment if there was a misrepresentation or concealment of information on the part of either spouse or if the marriage cannot be consummated.

Contact Deitch & Perone, P.C.

Not every family law firm is right for your personality or needs. To determine if our Monmouth County family law attorneys are a good fit for you, schedule a free consultation today. We will review the facts of your case, answer your questions and provide a straightforward assessment of what you might expect. Call our West Long Branch or Scotch Plains offices at 732-287-6086 or 732-287-6086 or contact us online to schedule a meeting.