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What are some common reasons for divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2023 | Divorce

Marriage is “supposed to be” the union of two souls for the rest of their lives – but that’s not always how things work out. Attitudes about marriage and divorce have shifted dramatically in the last five or six decades, and marriage is no longer seen as something that people have to simply endure, even when they’re unhappy.

What makes people pull the trigger and actually seek a divorce? The answers can be as diverse as the people involved, but these are four of the most common reasons cited.

Commitment issues

Some people just seem to want to get married more than they want to be married. Once the ceremony is over, they don’t seem to know how to actually live with another person in a committed relationship. They won’t communicate, compromise or treat their spouse like a true partner in life.

Lack of compatibility

A lack of compatibility can look like constant arguing, or it can involve one spouse “freezing out” the other with silence whenever there is some kind of unresolved conflict until they get their way. Eventually, that usually leads to the conclusion that they’re simply not good as a couple.


It’s important to remember that infidelity can be physical, financial or emotional. Whether one spouse develops an intimate relationship with another person, starts an emotional affair online or hides their financial activities from the other, the betrayal of trust can be the death knell for a marriage.

Personal growth

Sometimes one spouse experiences personal growth that ends up dividing them from the other spouse. This frequently happens when a couple marries very young – before they’ve had a chance to fully form their personalities, belief systems and goals. Even a marriage that felt rock solid when it started can slowly fall apart over time this way.

If your marriage is at an end, whatever the circumstances of your divorce, you can rest assured that you’re far from alone. Seeking legal assistance can be just the support you need as you move through the process.