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5 reasons a child custody schedule might change

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Child Custody

Many courts believe that the best thing for children is for parents to share custody and create a child custody schedule. A custody schedule determines what days and duties parents have with their children. 

Child custody schedules are adjustable, but there may need to be a reason before a court makes any changes. Here are a few reasons parents alter their child custody schedules: 

1. Both co-parents agree to a change

Many custody schedules don’t immediately work. There may be issues that were not predicted from the start that affect both co-parents. A change to a child custody schedule may be necessary for both co-parents. If co-parents mutually agree to a change, then the court may alter it accordingly. 

2. A work or school schedule conflicts with the custody schedule

Parents often can’t control their work and school schedules. Typically, married parents can make easy adjustments to their daily schedules when they’re given a new work or school schedule. However, co-parents may need to discuss the difficulties of upholding a custody schedule and reach out to the court when a work or schedule changes. 

3. A child has special needs

Many children have special needs that require extra care and time from their parents. One co-parent may need to take on more responsibilities if their child’s special needs require more attention. This difficulty may need to be presented to a court. 

4. A co-parent has developed a medical illness

Unfortunately, a co-parent can develop a medical illness that jeopardizes their time spent with their children. The other parent may, as a result, need to take on more responsibilities with their children. 

5. A co-parent isn’t adjusting to the schedule 

It can take time for parents to adjust to custody schedules. If a co-parent is continually failing to uphold their obligations and responsibilities, the other parent may be taking on more duties on behalf of the other. A court may need to be involved to resolve the matter if the co-parent can’t adapt to the schedule. 

Parents may need to reach out for legal help as they navigate issues in a child custody schedule. That can make it easier to get positive results.