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Different views on money can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce happens for many reasons, and it’s certainly true that money is often cited as one. Couples may run into financial stress that causes the foundation of their relationship to erode. Maybe they can’t make ends meet. Maybe there are instances of financial infidelity. These are just two examples.

In some cases, however, it is just the views around money that the spouses bring to the marriage that cause the divorce. If they look at money in fundamentally different ways, they may not be able to stay married because of the conflicts that can create.

Spending and saving

For example, some people are savers, and they want to keep as much money as they can. They are happy to make sacrifices in order to save because they like financial stability. Without it, they feel even more stressed about the future.

Other people are spenders. They do not care about keeping as much of the money that they earn, instead simply thinking about how they can use it. They don’t want to make sacrifices because they would rather enjoy the life that they have at the moment instead of saving their money for the future.

Both perspectives can be argued effectively, so neither person is necessarily right or wrong. They are free to have their own opinions and views on money. But the issue is simply that these opinions are so different that couples often find themselves at odds, working against each other’s goals. That is not ideal for a marriage and can lead to both stress and divorce.

Couples who do end up getting divorced need to know what legal steps to take, especially when dividing assets and considering the other financial aspects of the divorce.