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Should your parenting plan contain virtual visitation terms?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Child Custody

There are few things that are more difficult than being compelled to spend too much time away from one’s child. All too often, parents who are no longer romantically linked to their other child’s parent are forced to navigate lengthy separations while their co-parent enjoys their parenting time. And when they are finally reunited with their child, the situation reverses and their co-parent has to weather the same challenge.

One of the primary ways that co-parents can alleviate some of the sting of being away from their kids – on behalf of their children and their own interests alike – is a thoughtful virtual visitation arrangement. By setting expectations for ongoing communication in advance, both co-parents and their kids can benefit from a connection that lasts even when they aren’t physically with one another.

How does virtual visitation work?

Virtual visitation is, essentially, any non-face-to-face communication that a child has with the parent with whom they are not residing at any given time. Common virtual visitation communication methods include video chats, email, phone calls, texts, social media interactions, playing games online together and even using story time apps so that parents can read and/or record themselves for easier transitions to bedtime.

By setting thoughtful, respectful, age-appropriate expectations in advance, both of a child’s parents can remain more present and more invested when they are physically separated from their child. A child may – in turn – benefit from a greater sense of security and of being a priority in both parents’ lives.

There are so many challenges associated with modern parenting. Adding thoughtful virtual visitation terms to a parenting plan can serve as a genuine benefit.