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Why is it important to adhere to a parenting time order?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Child Custody

Even after custody and parenting time agreements have been made, it is not uncommon for disagreements to continue and for parents to violate the order, making it difficult for the other parent. There are reasons why this is a mistake and it is wise to find solutions before the circumstances escalate.

Court penalties in New Jersey

The court can penalize the parent in various ways. For the lost parenting time, the court can order compensatory time, meaning the parent will get extra time with the child. The violating parent can also be sanctioned economically. This can include the costs that were incurred by the other parent. For example, if the parent needed to pay for child care because the other parent did not follow the order, the court can order that this be paid back.

Transportation arrangements may need to be modified. When the child is picked up and dropped off, it might be ordered to be done in a public place to ensure safety for everyone involved. In cases where there is ongoing dispute, there might be court-ordered counseling to be paid for by the parent who violated the order.

The order might be modified temporarily or permanently. The violating parent could be ordered to perform community service. They might even be incarcerated and not be granted work release. This can cause them problems on the job and make the situation worse.

With custody and parenting time, knowing the law and having help is essential

Parents might have a justifiable reason why they are not following the parenting plan, but they cannot simply decide not to follow it on their own. It is imperative to inform the court and request a modification or come to a negotiated agreement with the other parent.

During the case, the parents should be aware of the consequences of their actions and strive to make the transition as seamless as possible for their benefit and, particularly, for the child. To reach a positive resolution and address lingering challenges that inevitably arise with custody and parenting time, it is vital to have professional guidance. This is true from the start and if any obstacles come up.