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Studies look at attractiveness and marriage longevity

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Divorce

When a New Jersey spouse is in a relationship with a significant disparity in physical attractiveness, they could be more vulnerable to divorce. Analysts have pointed out that there is a body of research that supports such conclusions. Despite this, one survey of online dating practices found that people tend to pursue others who are more attractive than they are.

According to one study, when women rate themselves as more attractive then their husbands, they’re more likely to be less committed and to flirt more with others. Other research has shown that relationships between people with physical mismatches tend to be shorter because of jealousy.

However, another study had undergraduate students rate the attractiveness of men and women in couples. In the relationships in which the women were more attractive than the men, the husbands were happier than their counterparts in other relationships. They also helped their wives more. According to research, relationships also have a higher chance of success if the couple were friends first. In those relationships, the physical attractiveness of either person appeared to be a less significant factor.

When couples do get divorced, they may need to decide how to divide property and deal with child custody issues. Attorneys for each person may be able to assist in negotiating an agreement. This can be preferable for couples who want to spend less money and time on the divorce process. However, if negotiations break down, litigation is an option. In some cases, a couple might have to go to litigation because they have reached an agreement on certain issues, such as property division, but not on others, such as child custody.