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Parents and kids fare better in joint custody agreements

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Child Custody

According to research studies, joint physical custody agreements are generally better for divorced parents in New Jersey and their children. Unless there is a compelling reason such as domestic abuse or child negligence, a father’s caregiving and guidance is just as important as a mother’s nurturing.

Experts from around the world have concluded that children of all ages thrive best when allowed to maintain relationships with both parents. Kids in joint physical custody situations typically get into less trouble and have fewer emotional problems as they grow up. From a child development standpoint, sleeping over at dad’s house regularly is healthy even for toddlers and infants.

When it comes to custody issues, negative emotions between parents may come into play. One parent may try to ruin the relationship the other parent has with the children. However, this “revenge” approach can cause unfavorable results for everyone. Trying to work out healthy joint custody and equal co-parenting plans is a better choice.

Researchers have found that only a third of children in sole residential homes visit with their noncustodial parent at least once a month. About the same number of kids in sole custody situations see their other parent less often than that. The last third have no contact with the noncustodial parent.

Child custody matters are among the most important issues a divorcing couple needs to work out. A divorce attorney can often help dads or moms develop a co-parenting plan that pleases everyone involved. If each adult hires their own counsel, it could make creating joint custody agreements easier.