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Creating a virtual visitation schedule that works for everyone

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Child Custody

Creating an effective virtual visitation schedule is important for co-parents of minors who want to maintain strong connections with their children when they are spending time with their other parent. A well-thought-out plan can help to ensure that both parents can engage meaningfully with their children while accommodating everyone’s schedules and needs. 

When crafting expectations for a virtual visitation arrangement with your ex, start by assessing the availability of both parents. Consider work schedules, time zones and other commitments. It’s important to choose times that are convenient for both parents to better ensure consistency and reliability, and to minimize tension. 

Making a plan

Children thrive on routine, so it’s important to align virtual visitation times with their daily schedules. Consider your child’s school hours, extracurricular activities, meal times and bedtime. For younger children, try to schedule visits during times when they are most alert and receptive, such as after a nap or in the early evening.

Ultimately, you’ll want to establish a regular schedule for virtual visitation, perhaps involving specific days and times each week. This predictability helps children to know when to expect virtual visits, reducing anxiety and helping them look forward to these interactions.

You’ll also want to tailor the length and frequency of virtual visits to your child’s age and attention span, especially if they’re younger and/or have special needs. Younger children may benefit from shorter, more frequent visits, while older children can handle longer sessions. Adjusting visits to suit your child’s developmental stage can help to ensure that the time spent is engaging and enjoyable.

Finally, it’s important to remember that “life happens.” There may be times when a visit needs to be rescheduled. Be open to adjusting the schedule as needed and communicate promptly with your co-parent to find alternative times that work for both parties. With that said, articulating all of these expectations in your formal agreement on the subject can help to minimize tension and better ensure enforceability in the event of repeated violations.