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Recognizing domestic violence: 5 common types

On Behalf of | May 24, 2024 | Divorce

Domestic violence refers to the act of a person in a relationship or marriage losing their temper and attempting to gain control over their spouse by physical or psychological means. The scope of domestic violence includes all behaviors intended to control, manipulate, intimidate or isolate a partner in a relationship. In the United States, domestic violence affects an estimated 10 million people each year. 

Domestic violence occurs with greater frequency than you may realize. Individuals of all age groups, ranging from young toddlers to senior citizens are susceptible to becoming victims. It has an impact on individuals in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. 

5 categories of domestic violence

Identifying the five categories of domestic abuse is the first step toward breaking free from its control and becoming a survivor. They are as follows:

  1. Physical abuse encompasses physical acts such as striking, kicking, biting, and stabbing. Sexual violence is also included in this category.
  2. Emotional abuse may be hard to recognize. One example is gaslighting, which is an attempt to manipulate and distort your perception of reality.
  3. Isolation is the deliberate act of your spouse creating a division between you, your family, and your friends. Your spouse seeks to isolate you to exert control over you. This behavior has the potential to develop into an all-consuming preoccupation, ultimately resulting in the act of stalking.
  4. Stalking is an extremely frightening experience. It represents an intensified form of emotional and psychological mistreatment. Victims may have trouble sleeping, carrying out their daily activities or dealing with persistent unwanted attention.
  5. Financial abuse involves one spouse deliberately controlling the other’s financial independence by terminating spending accounts or depleting funds.

Domestic abuse should never be tolerated. Being a victim is a frightening experience, and it is common to feel isolated. You must get help from external sources such as the police, a reliable acquaintance or relative, and a support group. Then, seek assistance to initiate proceedings against your partner.