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Divorce representation certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court

On Behalf of | May 12, 2024 | Divorce

Modern divorces can be intensely complicated, especially if there are kids and high-value assets to address. You probably know that legal guidance can help to guard your rights and ensure a fair divorce. 

What if you were represented in your divorce by someone who has earned the New Jersey Supreme Court’s gold seal of approval? That is what happens when you engage a Certified Matrimonial Attorney – an official designation granted to only a few divorce representatives.

What sets them apart?

Those certified by the Supreme Court are recognized for their dedicated focus on family and matrimonial matters. The certification indicates a commitment to family law, encompassing challenging areas such as high-value marital dissolution, intricate child custody issues, military separations and child-parent relationship strain.

To be considered for certification, representatives must stand apart from others due to their:

  • Commitment to education. They undergo continuous learning to stay abreast of the latest developments in matrimonial matters.
  • Proven experience. Their track record in matrimonial cases reflects a significant depth of practice in this area.
  • Peer recognition. They have earned positive assessments from their peers and the judiciary, reflecting their professional standing.
  • Rigorous testing. They have completed an extensive examination testing their knowledge and application of matrimonial law.

This exhaustive vetting process ensures those with this certification have the skill to handle complex family issues with a high degree of proficiency.

Secure your future

A representative recognized by the state Supreme Court can offer a sense of security and confidence about your divorce. They can provide superior case management, leading to outcomes that protect your interests and contribute to a positive future.