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How to communicate with your spouse during your divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Divorce

Undoubtedly, your relationship may change when you inform your spouse you want a divorce. How you used to do things, including simple ones like communicating, may change. After filing for divorce, you should be careful with how and what you communicate with your spouse to avoid costly mistakes.

This guide discusses how you can communicate with them:

Meet physically for important discussions

If your divorce does not include disputes, which means you and your spouse can agree on major matters, you can meet physically. You should arrive on time and respect your spouse throughout the meeting. Note that you don’t need to meet often as you need to heal.

Communicate via a neutral third-party

If you can’t meet with your spouse by yourself because the marriage involved abuse or they have unfair requests, you can communicate through neutral third parties. For example, your attorney can communicate with their attorney, which can help keep things civil and removed.

Use technology

Communicating about matters concerning the divorce via phone may not be the best choice, but you can make use of text messages, apps designed for this purpose or even email. That gives you a chance to think out what you want to say and choose your wording carefully. Written communication can also make it harder for their to be confusion about any agreements down the road.

Communication can be complicated during a divorce, especially for people who are not ready to speak with their spouses — and you never want to resort to sending messages through the kids, other relatives or friends. Regardless of your situation, experienced legal guidance can help you move forward with your divorce.