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Parents can help kids deal with divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Divorce

New Jersey parents who decide to divorce may worry about how a marriage separation may affect their children. They may also worry about how the divorce could affect their own time and relationships with the kids. While a divorce can be challenging for a family, parents can improve the situation by dealing with their children in a loving and responsible fashion. By taking action to ensure that the kids’ emotional needs are met, parents can ease the transition.

Divorce can be a period of major change. Kids may split their time between two houses instead of one, and they will rarely see their parents together in one place. This is one reason why parents can help their children by providing stability and routine. Even former spouses who don’t get along could benefit their children by coming to an agreement about key parenting issues like rules of conduct and academic expectations. This way, kids will still feel as if they are part of the same household, despite their moves back and forth. Routine can also help children to feel safe and protected, especially during a time of significant upheaval.

In addition, many kids feel as if they have some kind of responsibility for the divorce. They may worry that their behavior led their parents to separate. Parents can help their kids work through these kinds of fears by assuring them that the issues are just between the parents.

When parents think about divorcing, they may worry about how child custody and visitation schedules will alter their relationships with the kids. By working with family law attorneys, parents can protect their rights and reach agreements on key parenting issues such as child custody and support.