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New Jersey couples should be aware of certain personality traits

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Divorce, Uncategorized

Marriages can suffer from many different stresses. Unfortunately, certain behaviors or aspects of a person’s personality could predispose them to divorce. Everyone has faults, but if each person in a relationship is aware of their weaknesses, it may help them learn to handle their imperfections and save the marriage. Psychologists, relationship experts and divorce attorneys have identified some general personality traits that have a potential for leading to divorce.

Sometimes, an insignificant event can be blown out of proportion by a person who tends to have an explosive nature. For example, arriving late or forgetting to do something might be a reason for one partner in a marriage to become enraged. This “catastrophizing” is often a major drain on a relationship.

Another problem married couples face is materialism and the love of money. While it is common for both spouses to be employed, in many cases overspending can cause financial difficulties that may eventually lead to divorce.

Some separation indicators are less obvious. If one or the other partner tends to play more of a caregiver role in the marriage, it could cause emotional distance between the two. After a while, it is possible for resentments to rear and a chance at equality in the relationship to wane.

There are several more situations that can interfere with a happy marriage. Couples dealing with unresolved arguments, fragile egos and selfishness may eventually find themselves divorcing. If a marriage cannot be resolved amicably, it may also be difficult for a divorce to happen smoothly. Divorce is rarely easy, but an attorney who is knowledgeable about family law might be able to offer advice on how to continue toward a quick and fair resolution.