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Dog owners can prevent bites

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Personal Injury

Dog bites can come unexpectedly and cause major problems for all parties involved. The victims may require medical assistance to avoid potential diseases and the owners become at risk of getting sued for negligence.

It is important for current and future pet owners to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their dogs will not get them in trouble. Here are some ways an owner’s negligence can result in their pets attacking other people:

They did not research the dog’s background.

Dog owners that go to an animal shelter to adopt a dog should ask the staff of the establishment to give them details about the dog’s personality and behavior around other animals and staff members.

Some future owners fail to observe the surroundings of the shelter and research the location prior to their visit. If the dog grew up in unsavory conditions and has a violent history, it can be difficult to remedy that.

They weren’t careful when leaving the dog unsupervised.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals emphasizes that proper physical and mental care will decrease a dog’s chances of biting. Owners must help their dogs socialize properly and try not to limit them to yard leashes so much when leaving them unsupervised. If they give their pet the right care and avoid isolating it too much, the dog would be more comfortable around others and less likely to attack.

No matter how well-trained the dog is, owners should never leave it unsupervised with children. Kids younger than ten may not know how to treat dogs gently or respect their personal boundaries. Dog bites can be more devastating on children due to their smaller bodies and lack of immunity from some of the diseases they can carry.

They did not take action for signs of aggression.

If the dog shows signs of excessive resistance or combative behavior, owners should not procrastinate in seeking professional help. It is better to resolve the issue as soon as they can to avoid future incidents.

If they see any behavioral problems with their dog, they need to contact a local certified trainer, animal behaviorist, veterinarian, or the shelter where the pet is from. The experts may recommend that the owners take their dogs to training classes, spay and neuter their pets, or warranting more caution when using a leash or helping the dog socialize.

New Jersey requires owners to license their dogs and have them vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian. These pet owners need to show you and the state that their dogs will not be a harm to others by giving the dog the proper attention and health care.