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Fights about chores: A threat to your marriage?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Blog

When it comes to things that can endanger a marriage, a lot of attention may go to big events, like infidelity or major financial dishonesty. However, it can be important for married couples to not forget the impacts the seemingly little and everyday things can have within a marriage.

If you are like most people, chores make up an everyday aspect of your life. Such activities may seem just about as ordinary as things can get. Now, the near omnipresent nature of chores in the lives of many married couples means there could be many opportunities for fights to arise between such couples in connection to housework. Survey data indicates that, if you are married, you might not want to just dismiss the potential for fighting about chores as no big deal.

Chore-related fights can contribute to divorces

Specifically, a survey has suggested that fights over chores play a role in the ending of a fair number of marriages. In the survey, divorced respondents were asked what the top factor in their divorce was. A quarter of these respondents answered that fights over housework held that spot.

Why do you think fights about chores are such a common divorce contributor?

Could outsourcing chores help protect marriages?

Given these statistics, one thing you might wonder is what couples can do to try to prevent their marriage from being weakened by chore-related fights. A recent study suggests that one tactic that could be effective is a couple paying for services that allow them to not have to do as many chores. The study looked at thousands of individuals in relationships to see how couples spending money for timesaving services affected relationship satisfaction. The study found that people that spent more money in this way tended to show a higher level of such satisfaction. These results come at a time when couples’ options for timesaving services are increasing due to things like sharing apps.

What do you think about this strategy for trying to reduce the stress and argument potential of chores within a marriage?

Not ignoring the ordinary also important in divorces

As this discussion underscores, it can be critical for couples to not forget about the everyday things when thinking of ways to try to keep their marriage strong. Not dismissing less flashy things as unimportant can also be crucial if fights over household chores or some other factor has led to you getting a divorce. All kinds of issues can be important in divorces, including some that might not naturally stick out. So, whether all the issues in your divorce get the attention they need can have very big impacts. This is among the reasons why good preparation and getting knowledgeable guidance can be so important if you are going through a divorce.