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Nesting and other approaches to helping children after divorce

Some New Jersey parents who are divorcing might want to consider an arrangement called "nesting" or "birdnesting" to help their children adjust to the separation. In a nesting arrangement, children stay in the family home while each parent takes turns living there. Experts say that nesting can give children a sense of stability, but a successful arrangement requires parents to get along well. They also need to be able to afford at least two homes, the family home and another one they alternate living in when not at the family home. Finally, the arrangement should not last more than a few months.

Parents can help kids deal with divorce

New Jersey parents who decide to divorce may worry about how a marriage separation may affect their children. They may also worry about how the divorce could affect their own time and relationships with the kids. While a divorce can be challenging for a family, parents can improve the situation by dealing with their children in a loving and responsible fashion. By taking action to ensure that the kids' emotional needs are met, parents can ease the transition.

Living together before marriage may increase divorce risk

According to the Barna Trends 2017 report, a majority of Americans believe that cohabitation prior to marriage is a good idea. However, some New Jersey couples may be surprised to see that a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family challenged that perception. The research indicates that people who live together before they get married are at a higher risk for divorce.

New Jersey couples should be aware of certain personality traits

Marriages can suffer from many different stresses. Unfortunately, certain behaviors or aspects of a person's personality could predispose them to divorce. Everyone has faults, but if each person in a relationship is aware of their weaknesses, it may help them learn to handle their imperfections and save the marriage. Psychologists, relationship experts and divorce attorneys have identified some general personality traits that have a potential for leading to divorce.

Divorce and the TCJA

For New Jersey residents whose divorces are signed on or after January 1, 2019, they may find that their divorces are unexpectedly more expensive than they thought it would. This is because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was passed in December 2017, instituted tax law changes that impact key issues of divorce, including alimony and child support.

Career choice may impact divorce likelihood

What people do for a living has an impact on every aspect of their lives, including their marriages, according to some research. People who work in restaurants and hotels might be more likely to divorce than people who work in other fields. One study suggests that the more potential partners people live and work around, the more likely they are to divorce. New Jersey readers who work in social jobs might be interested in the findings.

Health, finances and other divorce concerns for older adults

National statistical trends show that more and more New Jersey spouses who are 50 and older are getting divorced. Unfortunately, the stresses that accompany the end of a marriage can have major effects on seniors. For example, chronic stress can cause insomnia, depression and anxiety. It may even lead to conditions such as Parkinson's disease, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Why some couples may want a prenuptial agreement

Some New Jersey couples who are planning to get married may be worried that a prenuptial agreement will increase the likelihood that they will get divorced or that they will have to reveal things they would rather not such as bankruptcies or debt. However, creating a prenup can lead to important conversations about finances and can protect people in case the marriage ends.

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