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Answering Your Questions About Divorce

By its nature, divorce is a time of change and chaos. Even the most straightforward divorce will require a great deal of consideration and thought. Anyone who begins divorce proceedings should do so with a basic understanding of the process and a trusted attorney on their side. At Deitch & Perone, P.C., we offer comprehensive legal guidance.

Our firm offers you support and legal advice throughout your life changes. At your first appointment, we will go over the specifics of your case and begin developing personally tailored strategies. To get customized legal aid, call 908-264-2067 and request a meeting.

How Long Does Divorce Take?

The divorce process varies. A couple who divorce after a year of marriage has far fewer logistical challenges than a couple whose marriage is decades old. Over the course of your consultation, our attorneys will help identify a reasonable timeline based on your circumstances.

Will I Be Able To Stay In My Home?

Possibly. If maintaining your house is a priority, we may be able to negotiate with your spouse to find a fair and equitable agreement that preserves your ownership of the home. New Jersey law ensures that property division is fair, not necessarily a 50-50 split. We may be able to make the case for your house in those terms if negotiation is not possible.

What If I Signed A Prenuptial Agreement?

The court has a great deal of leniency in interpretation and enforcement of prenups. We can help manage your divorce under prenuptial terms when appropriate and contest those terms when necessary.

If My Divorce Is Amicable, Do I Need An Attorney?

Yes. There are too many questions, both legal and financial, for you to manage them without assistance. The last thing anyone wants is for new issues to arise after your divorce seems settled. For guidance you can rely upon and lasting results you need, meet with our attorneys.