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November 2018 Archives

Parallel parenting offers options to avoid divorce conflicts

Child custody, visitation and support issues are common concerns in New Jersey divorces, but problems may loom on the horizon when working out the day-to-day logistics of interacting with an ex-spouse. After a divorce, some type of custody arrangement is usually worked out that allows each parent to have input into how a child is raised. When divorced parents can't get along, however, even something as simple as picking up a child in a shared custody arrangement could become a problem.

Nesting and other approaches to helping children after divorce

Some New Jersey parents who are divorcing might want to consider an arrangement called "nesting" or "birdnesting" to help their children adjust to the separation. In a nesting arrangement, children stay in the family home while each parent takes turns living there. Experts say that nesting can give children a sense of stability, but a successful arrangement requires parents to get along well. They also need to be able to afford at least two homes, the family home and another one they alternate living in when not at the family home. Finally, the arrangement should not last more than a few months.

Dividing assets in divorce: who gets your dog?

Many people do not realize how many different elements there are in a divorce. Perhaps the most complicated part is deciding who gets custody of your children. But, what if you have pets? A large number of families in New Jersey have dogs, cats or other animals that they consider a part of their family.

Minimizing risks when seeking the marital home during a divorce

The marital home is a common point of contention for couples in New Jersey going through the divorce process. In some cases, the fight is so bitter that courts get involved and end up ordering the property sold and the proceeds split. Other times, one party may agree to let their soon-to-be-ex buy them out so that they can keep the home. Even if the best intentions are behind such a move, there are some potential legal issues associated with arrangements like this.

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